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Bellas Earring Care 

How to care for your Bella Babes: Tips and tricks to take care of your new pair of bellas!

How should i clean my bella earrings?

We recommend using a cloth/qtip and water to clean your bellas.

How can i store my Bellas? 

Keep your bellas spaced out and without any other materials that may scratch it as clay can be easily scratched, we recommend a jewelry holder or a case for them when they are not being used.

Can i bend my bella earrings?

Although most of our clay earrings are flexible and it may be tempting to see how flexible they are if bent they will snap so we strongly discouraged testing the flexibility of your bella babes. In the case it does snap we do not offer replacements. 

What should i avoid doing to help the longevity of my bella products?

A few things to avoid -do not throw your bella earrings, there is a 50/50 chance they may break if thrown in purse, floor or anywhere without a protective case.- don’t use chemicals on them, this will mess up the texture of the earrings.-don’t leave around pets or children , some of our clay products are not large and all pieces can be choking hazards please be careful.- don’t bend them .-don’t sleep with them on, the pressure on whichever side your lay your head  may cause them to break.-don’t pull them up, be gentle when taking them off as they can break if not handled correctly.

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