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Buying wholesale for your business

This is information for any business who wish to buy wholesale from us! 
(This wholesale offer is only available for business use and not for personal purchase. ) 
- We have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 12 and only sell our earrings by the dozen.  - If you do place an order for any MOQ not by the dozen (12,24,36..etc..) your order will be cancelled.- We ask that you provide in the notes or checkout information your business website/handle. -Turn Around Time (TAT) for wholesale orders is 2 weeks max but can be done sooner! -If this is a personal purchase we will also cancel orders, while we appreciate your love for our Bella pieces this program is only available for business owners for business use. - If you are interested in our bella pieces please send us an email to receive your program code to use at checkout!
MOQ- by the dozen (12,24,36...)TAT- 2 weeks max
(How to purchase) -Shop for the pieces you wish to purchase-Add them to cart and checkout as normal -Use wholesale Code provided to you (You will need to email in order to receive the initial code) -Don’t forget to provide any contact information! -Happy shopping! And thank you for your support! 

How do i purchase wholesale?

Once you have decided to buy wholesale from us, please send us an email (we responded within the hour if not sooner, between 10am-5pm) we will send you your code to use for the wholesale products. 
- we offer wholesale for 50% off the first order as a welcome on board, after that we offer our wholesale off at a 30% discount. 
- Choose the pieces you wish to purchase NOTE- you must purchase earrings by the dozen, (12,24,36..etc) if you do not (ex. 13 pairs, 14 pairs ..ect) your order will be cancelled. - Proceed to checkout and fill out all needed information.NOTE -  (Don’t forget to add your business and handle, This will only need to happen your First purchase) 
MOQ- By the dozen 
TAT- 2 weeks is the turnaround time  for wholesale orders max. Tracking information will be sent via the email provided during checkout! <3 

Thank you for your support and we are so excited to be a wholesaler for you! 
NOTE- The earring cards sent with your order, will only have our logo. It will not have our social media handles or website for your connivence! Thank you and please send me an email for any issues  or questions you have! 

Wholesale information: Wholesale Information
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